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The Old Vicarage Day Nursery
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery
The Old Vicarage Day Nursery


It’s very hard, as a mum to leave your child with a stranger. It’s a terrible, heart breaking thing and it’s such a relief to have found the Old Vicarage. My little boy has loved every minute of his time with the wonderful girls who have cherished him as much as I have. He has come away from every visit with a sparkle in his eyes, a story to tell and a bounce in his step. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful care you have given to Ray. The girls have been his friends, teachers and partners in crime on my boys adventures and he loves them dearly. Thank you so much for caring as much as you do.

Ray’s Mummy – 2015

Hi my daughter Erika attended the nursery from 8 months and has only just left to start full time school, we both miss the staff and the structure that’s in place as it was wonderful, I would highly recommend the nursery to anybody wanting a very warm and friendly atmosphere, and I can promise you will not be disappointed.

Erika’s Mummy 2015

The Old Vicarage Day Nursery has been a big part of our lives for 10 years! Both our children thrived there. They never complained about going there which is testament to the excellent staff and the care they provide. Many of those in the team have been there for many years and looked after both children even though they are 6 years apart. Their patience, attention and energy is great to see from 8 in the morning to 6 at night! On one morning I witnessed a fire alarm evacuation. This really did bring home how efficient the team are. Within no time the buildings were clear and the children well-ordered and safe. That’s the reassurance you need when you put the health of your child in the hands of a nursery.  I would not hesitate in recommending the Old Vicarage Day Nursery.

Ewan’s Mummy 2015

The Old Vicarage Day Nursery is a fabulous nursery, great staff, lovely buildings and gardens, fantastic events organised for the children and parents. It’s been a big part of my son’s childhood, with lots of happy memories made there.  Thoroughly recommended.

Jake’s Mummy 2015

“My son was welcomed with open arms into The Old Vicarage Day Nursery, even knowing he had special needs – he has Down’s syndrome. Since day 1 he has been treated with the utmost care, respect and crucially love! He is fully included in all activities – staff go to amazing lengths to ensure this is the case. I will always highly recommend this nursery to anyone. From what we have experienced they go the extra mile for all the children in their care!”
Williams Mummy – Holly Room

“Our son, Brodie started at the nursery when he was just 9 months old. From the first day we could not believe how our little boy was welcomed to the OVDN family, every single member of staff over the past 3 years has taken an interest in our son and he feels truly loved and secure at the nursery.

It is such a luxury to be able to drop Brodie in the morning knowing he is as well looked after as he is at home. He has made so many friends and had so many experiences that he just wouldn’t of done if he had stayed at home. I cannot recommend the nursery enough, not only has it given our son a brilliant start, but given us a real peace of mind whilst he is there, which as far as we are concerned, is totally priceless.”
Brodie’s Mummy – Coach House

“From day 1 we have been utterly delighted with the staff, the service and the setting at The Old Vicarage. The team provides a warm, loving and stimulating environment for the kids where everyday they are learning something fun and new. We feel the Old Vicarage offers the perfect extension to home and really appreciate the way the girls instil good manners and behaviour. Our daughter cheers every morning as we drive through the gate which is testament to how much she loves being there.”

Claudia’s Mummy Holly Room

“Our 2 boys have an amazing time at the Old Vicarage. Everyone takes great care to get to know them and ensure they have a great day, everyday. It is a close knit, friendly and happy nursery, even key workers who don’t work in the rooms my boys are in, know them and always stop to say hello to them.

Development is key and the children are encouraged to experiment and experience new things in a fun, happy and safe environment.
Tummies are well catered for (!) with an amazing menu selection to keep even the fussiest eaters happy and content. It is healthy, varied and fun.

We could not be more pleased our children are in such a wonderful nursery.”
Will & Oliver Mummy Rainbow Room and Coach House

“We are delighted with the OVDN over the 3 years that our daughter spent here. We particularly appreciated the work ethic of all the staff at the nursery and the resources available to the children. Any problems that occurred, albeit rare, were resolved to our satisfaction. Ella enjoyed her time at nursery and has developed from a baby into a confident, well mannered (most of the time) little girl ready for school!”

Ella’s Mummy Coach House